The project was born out of the desire to create a useful instrument that can help protect the natural environment and, also, human health. The model will indicate the impact of a food product on health and the environment from consumer’s point of view. It will regroup, in an original way, two categories of variables: one dedicated to health and one to the environment, as they are indicated by consumers. These variables will be derived from a consumer survey which will show which variables related to health and environmental protection are important to consumers when they assess food quality.

The adoption of this approach was driven by: the high negative impact the agro-food sector has on the environment, the role that consumers can play in sustainable food production and consumption, and the benefits that the model can bring to various stakeholders of the agro-food sector (from producers to consumers or policy makers).

Name of the project
The creation of a model for the evaluation of food quality from the point of view of consumer health and environmental protection

Type of project
The project study is developed within the scientific bilateral cooperation between the Romanian Academy and Wallonia – WBI, FRS-FNRS.

Countries: Romania and Belgium
Bilateral cooperation partners and founding institutions: the Romanian Academy and Wallonia – WBI, FRS-FNRS
Project members belong to the institutions:
Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca: Faculty of Business and Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering
Université de Liège: AgroBio Tech, Gembloux

News from the Project members
Faculty of Business
Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering